Welcome to the Green Diver Initiative!


Formed by the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide), in association with the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, the Green Diver Initiative is an online community dedicated to the principles espoused in the Green Diver P.A.C.T. (Practising Aquatic Conservation Together).


As the official diver training organization of Walt Disney World® Resort, we also present the following programs in conjunction with Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund  in Florida, USA: Disney's Dolphins in Depth, Epcot® Seas Aqua Tour, Epcot® DiveQuest (The Seas with Nemo & Friends at Epcot®) and the Adopt-a-Nest program (Disney's Vero Beach Resort and Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park). Before, during and after these experiences, guests learn about how the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund is making a difference and are eligible to join the Green Diver Initiative


The Green Diver Initiative is intended to empower individuals who, through their initiative, discover how they can make a difference – no matter how seemingly insignificant.

When shared with the community, the seemingly insignificant  can add up to phenomenal impacts. Individual GDI members may be environmental activists or just beach walkers, but they share a common concern for the vitality of the aquatic world.


Accept the challenge and join the Green diver Initiative now. Find out how others are making a difference and share your own discoveries – whether or not you are a certified diver. It is easy and FREE to join! Make the Green Diver Pact, create a personal profile, set up a personal Green Diver web page and start sharing your efforts today!



“To promote and encourage through purposeful activity the education of the general public to safely preserve and conserve the quality of our underwater environment”.



Practicing Aquatic Conservation Together (P.A.C.T).” 

Green Divers believe that we can make a difference to actively protect and conserve our underwater world. This has nothing to do with ‘Agency’ affiliation. Anyone, anywhere in the world can join (whether a diver or not) – just by logging in and making the Green Diver Pact.

To join click here:  http://www.nauigreendiver.org



(Practising Aquatic Conservation Together)


As a NAUI Green Dive, I will: